CDRH Laser Devices Class IIIa Power Test
Complied FDA Performance Standards for Laser Products

The CDRH (Center for Devices and Radiological Health)- 21CFR1040.10 procedure for measuring laser output is the energy detectable through a circular aperture stop having a diameter of 7 mm at a distance of 20 cm from the probe tip or laser diodes.

Konftec's visible red laser diode (typical wavelength of 660nm laser diode) equipped in the Klas series is with the specification of beam divergence 9° (Parallel Angle) x 19° (Perpendicular Angle). Because of the divergence of the beam, the distance and the aperture used, the energy detectable falls within the Class IIIa (wavelength 400nm ~ 710nm visible laser with radiation power <5 mW) laser product standard.

The typical average power for all 50mW and some 100mW laser devices shown on the warning logotype in our brochure and user's guide is <5 mW/cm² as measured in accordance with the procedure described above.

Klas Series: Klas-AKlas-DKlas-E and Klas-S
Description NCDRH Test Distance Parallel Angle Perpendicular Angle Horizontal Length Vertical Length Radiation Area Laser Diode Output Power Laser End Output Power Test Output Power
Symbol H θ// θ Dhs Dvs A Pdiode P0 P1
Unit (cm) (°) (°) (cm) (cm) (cm²) (mW) (mW) (mW/cm²)
Klas-A50 20 9 19 3.15 6.69


50 47.5 2.87
Klas-D50 50 40 2.42
Klas-D61 100 80 4.83
Klas-E50 50 40 2.42
Klas-E61 100 80 4.83
Klas-S50 50 30 1.81
Klas-S61 100 60 3.63

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