Revolutionary Taping Laser, Wrap Laser and Irradiation Laser from Konftec

We Are
Founded in 2003, Konftec has enjoyed a leading reputation in low level laser therapy devices technology. Concentrating in developing therapeutic lasers, Konftec continues to create the new and efficient low level laser therapeutic modalities, provide LLLT treatment solutions widely spread availability by innovation and mass production to reduce the cost.
We are producing the most complete family of LLLT devices - from the simplest 1 laser to the advanced 60 lasers.
We had delivered over 10,000 lasers per year in the past three years.
  The FIRST double sided taping laser manufacturer for LLLT since 2001. Click to Enlarge
The FIRST simultaneous operation, multi-channel laser acupuncture manufacturer since 2003. Click for Data Sheet
The FIRST multi-channel laser helmet manufacturer since 2003. Click for Data Sheet

Our Team

Our team members include medical doctors, electronic circuit engineers, IC design engineers, electro-optic engineers and control system engineers.
We are having applied the most advanced technology in the LLLT systems and devices since 2000 - continuously improved through clinical and engineering R & D.
Our Goal To help people with developing and manufacturing the best LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy) system/device affordable by professional and home therapy.

We Believe

There is but ONE True Medicine.

It matters not if medicine is old or new ,
so long as it can cure.

It matters not if theories come from East or West ,
so long as they are true.

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