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Laser Acupuncture Laser Acupuncture
Auricular Laser Acupuncture Auricular Laser Acupuncture
Dental LLLT Unit Dental LLLT Unit
Multiple Applications LLLT Unit Multiple Applications LLLT Unit
5-in-1 LLLT Unit 5-in-1 LLLT Unit
Intelligent LLLT Dose Unit
Intelligent LLLT Dose Unit Intelligent LLLT Dose Unit
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Laser Irradiation System Laser Irradiation System
CE Certification Laser Hood CE Certification Laser Hood
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Intelligent LLLT Dose Unit
Red Laser 635nm/220mW
Red Laser 660nm/150mW
Infrared Laser 808nm/250 ~ 460mW
Klas-DX is a portable LLLT device specially designed with:
Automatic Laser Dose Setting & Display
  – automatically calculate laser dose from laser power & time settings
  – simultaneous laser dose(Joule) & time(second) settings
  – incremental laser dose(Joule) & decremental time(second) indications
Automatic Laser Dose Control
  – acoustic beep for each Joule during operation
  – automatic stop and beep alert after reaching the setting dose
  – repeat the last setting dose by pressing one button
Exchangeable Laser Module by The User
Klas-DX is provided as the most intelligent and convenient laser dose unit for the professional practitioners to apply the LLLT treatments:
Laser acupuncture
Auricular laser acupuncture
Dental applications
Nasalis applications
Other multiple LLLT applications
Klas-DX61 (660nm/150mW) equipped with the optional laser fiber probes and photosensitizer can be applied as dental aPDT (Antimicrobial Photodynamic Therapy):
Alveolar Osteitis

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  • Specifications
  • Standard Acc.
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  • Optional Acc.
Effective   Constant laser intensity is maintained by:
Innovative optics design leads to the maximum output laser power.
Advanced integrated circuit designed by Konftec to maintain the specific power output even the battery is in low capacity.
Safe   Konftec's integrated circuit design with full protection of:
EDS (Electrostatic Discharge)
short-term reverse battery connection
Convenient   Outstanding autoclavability of fiber rod Li-ion Battery Module
The excellent transmission characteristics of fiber rod remains unaffected even after being autoclaved several thousand times.
Ability of standing up to repeated machine washing.
Easy to Use   Intelligent program start/stop switch for the simplest operation, can easily be used by practitioner.
Powered by rechargeable Li-ion battery module which provides Klas-DX61 approximately 4 hours continuous operation.
Operation Environment  635nm: 0 ~ 55 °C (32 ~ 131 °F); 10 ~ 95%RH (Non-condensing)
660nm: 0 ~ 60 °C (32 ~ 140 °F); 10 ~ 95%RH (Non-condensing)
808nm: 0 ~ 50 °C (32 ~ 122 °F); 10 ~ 95%RH (Non-condensing)
Power Supply  Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Module
Laser Material  Semiconductor Laser Diode

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Laser Wavelength 
… Output Power 
250mW or 460mW
The measured output power data shown in the delivered test report indicates the power from the laser diode.
Laser Dose Setting  0.1 ~ 99.9 J (Joule)
Time Setting  1 ~ 999 S (Second)
Acoustic Beep Alert  Start, Setting, Each Joule during Operation, Stop
Housing Material  Stainless Steel or Aluminum Alloy
Enclosure Protection  IP54 (NEMA 4)
Protection against dust
Protection against water spray
Dimensions  Min. 193(L) x Ø26 mm; 7.6(L) x Ø1 in.
Max. 275(L) x Ø26 mm;
10.8(L) x Ø1 in.
Weight  Max. 250 g (8.8 ounce)
 Verification  EMC Directive 93/42/EEC
(Operation Environment: Medical Electrical Equipment)
Standard Applied: IEC 60601-1 and EC 60601-1-2
Medical Device Certificate  ISO 13485: 2003
Laser Optic Cap & Fiber Rod (6 pcs)
Type of Cap Cap-A Cap-C Cap-D Cap-E Cap-N Cap-S
Model No. WO-420 WO-425 WO-422 WO-423 WO-421 WO-424
Laser Beam Spot Size 0.13 cm² 0.5 cm² 0.5 cm² 0.13 cm² End Dispersion 3 cm²
Applications Acupuncture
& Single Point
& General
Dental Auricular
Nasalis Multiple
Lithium-ion (Li-ion) Battery Module (2 pcs) WB-531
Nominal Capacity 800 mAh Click to Enlarge
Nominal Voltage 3.7 V
Protection Over Charge
Charging Time 1.7 Hrs
Li-ion Battery Charger WP-151
Charge Capacity 3 x Li-ion Battery Module Click to Enlarge
Power Supply 90 ~ 264V AC, 47Hz ~ 63Hz,
Max. 0.5A (115V AC), 0.25A (230V AC)
Short Circuit and Overload Protection;
Auto Recovery Mode
Laser Safety Goggles (2 pairs) WG-221
Frame Plastic Click to Enlarge
Lens Polycarbonate with hard coating
Protection Side shields
Spectral Characteristics) OD (Optical Density) 3+
Aluminum Case WC-123
Dimensions 450(L) x 330(W) x 130(H) mm
17.7(L) x 13(W) x 5.1(H) in.
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Weight 1.7 Kg (3.8 Lb)
Model No. Laser Wavelength / Output Power
Red Laser Orange Laser Infrared Laser
660nm/150mW 635nm/220mW 808nm/250mW 808nm/460mW
     Single Laser Module
     Dual Laser Modules
Handheld Power Meter LaserCheck
Wavelength Range 400 ~ 1064 nm Click to Enlarge
Displayed Power Range 9.99 µW to 999 mW; Auto-ranging
Accuracy ±5%
Measurement Display 3-digit LCD with power unit indicator
Sensor Aperture Size 8 mm
Laser Safety Clip-on Glasses WG-222
Frame Plastic Click to Enlarge
Lens Polycarbonate with hard coating
Spectral Characteristics OD (Optical Density) 3+
Rave>99% @ 600~820nm
Patient Block Out Glasses WG-228
Frame Plastic Click to Enlarge
Lens Polycarbonate with hard coating
Spectral Characteristics OD (Optical Density) 7+
@ 190nm to 11,000nm
Head Strap Adjustable
Fiber Probes for Dental aPDT
(Antimicrobial Photodynamic Therapy)
WF-354A WF-354B
Probe Material Plastic Fiber Click to EnlargeClick to Enlarge Click to EnlargeClick to Enlarge
Transmission Ratio > 80% (Red Beam)
Dental Application Sterile; Single-use; Disposable
Laser Emission Pattern WF-354A…Fiber Exposure Dispersion,
                          3-dimension (3D)
                          Pocket Probe
WF-354B…Fiber End Emission
                          2-dimension (2D)
                          Spot Probe
Application Periodontitis
Alveolar Ostitis
Photosensitizer for Dental aPDT WD-221
Photosensitizer Tricyclic dye- Methylene Blue Click to Enlarge
Volume 1.5 ml
Package Aluminum Foil Bag
The True Medicine  
     CE Verification     Verification
    ISO 13485
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Low Level Lasers in Dentistry
Dentistry Therapy Protocol
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