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  LLLT General Precautions

Laser beam are extremely dangerous to human eyes.
Never look at laser beam directly and/or through optical lens.
Because some Aculas lasers emit invisible infrared light, the usage of
laser shower or laser probe in the area of the face and around the eyes must proceed with appropriate care and caution. Invisible infrared laser light penetrating the eye may cause serious harm after extended exposure. Therefore, the use of the optional laser safety goggles for the patient and clinician is advised.
  LLLT Contraindications
Thyroid Gland
While research results have been at odds, the current consensus is to avoid LLLT irradiation over the area of the thyroid gland.
The LLLT is effective for the patients with hypothyroidism induced by chronic autoimmune thyroiditis (CAT) in the recently published report. (PMID: 22718472)
Prudent medical care dictates that LLLT not be performed over the uterus of a known pregnant woman.
Although the research is again at odds in this case, the recommendation is to not irradiate over or near a known primary or secondary carcinoma lesion or tumor. As physiotherapists, it is a general contraindication to use laser energy over cancerous sites due to unknown long-term effects. However, current research is investigating the physiological mechanisms by which photodynamic therapy can be utilized in combination with current cancer treatments.
Not to treat cancer is mainly because of legal reasons.
Radiation Therapy Patient
Because LLLT has been documented to have an effect on the human immune system, in patients taking immunosuppressant medications, LLLT is not recommended at this time. Several studies have demonstrated positive effects of LLLT in counteracting radiation therapy nausea; however, more research is needed.
Treatment of over Sympathetic Ganglia
The vagus nerves and cardiac regions of patients with known heart disease are not recommended for LLLT.
While some have suggested caution in using LLLT in the presence of pacemakers, no evidence has been presented. Because LLLT uses light, no influence on the pacemaker results from its use.
Pulsed visible light can have an effect on certain individuals susceptible to this condition, however, invisible, non-pulsed laser light has had no reported detrimental effect on seizure-susceptible patients.
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Disease Name ICD-9-CM
(International Classification of Diseases,
Ninth Revision, Clinical Modification)
Respiratory Tract and Ear, Nose, Throat
Meniere's disease 386.00
Tinnitus 388.30
Hearing impairment 389.9
Acute sinusitis 461.9
Chronic rhinitis 472.0
Chronic sinusitis 473.9
Allergic rhinitis 477.9
Musculoskeletal and Connective Tissue               
Gouty arthritis 274.0
Rheumatoid arthritis 714.0
Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (polyarticular) 714.30
Osteoarthritis 715.90
Osteoarthritis of knee 715.96
Arthritis, post-traumatic 716.10
Arthritis 716.90
Joint swelling 719.00
Joint pain 719.40
Joint stiffness 719.50
Ankylosing spondylitis 720.0
Lumbar spondylosis 721.3
Intervertebral disc disorder 722.90
Lumbago 724.2
Back pain 724.5
Frozen shoulder 726.0
Tennis elbow 726.32
Bursitis of wrist 726.4
Bursitis of hip 726.5
Bursitis of shoulder 726.10
Achilles tendinitis 726.71
Tendinitis 727.00
Plantar facilities 728.71
Fibrositis / rheumatism 729.0
Myalgia and myositis 729.1
Myofascial pain syndrome 729.1
Fasciitis 729.4
Sprains or strain 848.9
Diseases of Nervous System               
Lymphadenitis 289.3
Alzheimer's disease 331.0
Migraine 346.9
Trigeminal neuralgia 350.1
Facial palsy 351.0
Carpal tunnel syndrome 354.0
Herniation of lumbar intervertebal disc 722.10
Low back pain(Lumbago) 724.2
Sciatica 724.3
Headache 784.0
Diseases of Uninary System
Impotence, organic 607.84
Endocrine, Metabolic Disease
Diabetes mellitus(no complication) 250.00
Obesity 278.0
Disorders of Female Fenital Tract  
Dysmenorrhea 625.3
Disease of the Skin               
Verruca 078.1
Tinea pedis 110.4
Cellulite 682.9
Seborrheic dermatitis 690
Atopic dermatitis 691.8
Contact dermatitis 692.9
Psoriasis 696.1
Alopecia and hair loss 704.00
Alopecia areata 704.01
Folliculitis 704.8
Acne vulgaris 706.1
Pressure sore 707.0
Vitiligo(Leukoderma) 709.0
Swelling mass or lump, superficial, localized 782.2
Other Symptoms and Prophylaxis
Hemorrhoid 455.6
Gingival and periodontal disease 523.9
Oral ulcer 528.9
Edema 782.3
Infectious Disease               
Herpes zoster 053.9
Herpetic gingivostomatitis 054.2
Herpes simplex 054.9
Hand, foot and mouth disease 074.3
Mental Disease               
Depression 311
Fracture(close) 829.0
Fracture (open) 829.1
Superficial injury 919.0
Burn 949.0