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Laser Irradiation
The biostimulatory effects of laser have been widely investigated both in vivo and in vitro .
In vitro experimental evidence has demonstrated acceleration of collagen synthesis in fibroblast cultures
due to acceleration of mRNA transcription rate of the collagen gene. Superoxide dismutase activity is
increased (this decreases prostaglandins). This is postulated as one mechanism of pain and oedema
reduction. Other effects are: inhibition of procollagen production in human skin keloid fibroblast cultures
and stimulation of phagocytosis by macrophages, increased fibroblast proliferation, as well a wide variety
of cellular responses.
In vivo effects demonstrated in animals include increased formation of granulation tissue and increased
rates of epithelialisation in laser irradiated wounds, stimulation of suppressor T-cells, increased collateral
nerve sprouting and regeneration of damaged nerves in rats and tendon and ligament repair in race horses.
The LLLT repairs the energy lack and gives additional energy (ATP) which skin cells use for its revitalization.The skin can recover its initial biological quality so again. The LLLT has proven to be of surprising value in wound healing.

To treat wound over larger areas
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The most convenient way for wound treatment.
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Disease Name Therapy Time (Minutes) Frequency Recommended Dose
Laser Effective Area
= 32 cm²
Laser Effective Area
= 3.14 cm²
Laser Shower Handheld Klas
Klas-S50 Klas-S61
660nm 660nm 660nm
500mW LD: 50mW
End: 30mW
LD: 100mW
End: 60mW
Laser Intensity
15.6 mW/cm²
9.6 mW/cm² 19.1 mW/cm²
Burn & Related wounds 5 9 5 1 ~ 3/day 5
Wound, Operation wound 10 18 9 1 ~ 3/day 10
Wound & Ulcers 5 9 5 1 ~ 3/day 5
Therapeutic windows range from typically ±50% of given values.
If the treatment area is larger than the irradiation area, the treatment time should be recalculated.
Konftec is not responsible for the application of laser therapy in patients which should be performed at the therapist/doctor's discretion and responsibility.
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