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Konftec offers effective, non-invasive and pain-free low level laser therapy for laser acupuncture in brain stroke rehabilitation combined with the acupuncture therapy from TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).
Laser Device
Scalp Laser Acupuncture
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The most convenient way for scalp acupoints treatment.
Infrared laser treatment for brain stroke rehabilitation with laser acupuncture medication.
The laser helmet is also proved effective for improving the patients with cerebral palsy and Alzheimer's disease in our applications of over 1,000 case studies.

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Code Pinyin Name
GV20 Baihui
GV23 Shangxing

EX-HN 130

ST08 Touwei
Stage after
Brain Stroke
AM-200A790 AM-200 Session Frequency
Therapy Time (Minutes) Frequency Setting (Hz)
1st ~ 10th Day 30 0 Hz (CW) or 2 ~ 10 Hz 2 times/day
11th ~ 30th Day 15 Alternative 0 Hz (CW),
2 Hz and 10 Hz
2 times/day
2nd ~ 6th Month 15 10 Hz 2 times/day
7th ~ 12th Month 30 10 Hz 1 time/day
2nd Year ~ 30 10 Hz Every Other Day
If the patients feel the tingling or uncomfortable during the treatment, please change the frequency from the original CW (continuous wave) to 2 Hz ~ 10 Hz. About 10% patients will have the response of the above in the beginning.
Most patients will keep awake for several hours after the laser therapy. It is recommended to finish the treatment at least two hours before going sleep.
Konftec is not responsible for the application of laser therapy in patients which should be performed at the therapist/doctor's discretion and responsibility.
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