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Multiple Taping Laser Comparison Table
Our body is built up from about 5 trillion individual cell organisms. Each of these small living beings must supply themselves with energy. Pain and malfunctions of individual body areas or organs go back to pain and malfunctions in the individual cells. If a tendon is pulled or it is overloaded a joined, small tendon cells innumerable with it, cartilage cells, bone cells, nerve cells, muscle cells and so forth become like this, pulled, overloaded. In this case, the cells come into a lack of emergency. They report to us this as pain and dysfunction.
When pain appears and informs about the presence of a morbid process, the human organism immediately determines the strategy and tactics of therapeutical-rehabilitation actions, which are sure to switch on the cupping of the pain syndrome and its treatment. It is known that "pain - is a complex psycho-physical phenomenon, which involves the mechanisms of emotion regulation and formation, motoric, humoral, hemodynamic manifestations" (V.A.Michailovich, Y.D. Ignatov, 1990).
Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)
All cells of the biosphere supply themselves with cell energy. ATP (= adenosintriphosphat) via the same power station model. ATP is the key substance of our body cell and of our whole body. Every cell work must be managed with the aid of ATP. Light is the single medicine which the production of ATP can increase directly. This is due next to it to the fact that our cell power station (mitochondrion) is built according to the collector principle and converts photon energy (= light energy) into ATP (=cell energy)

The LLLT of general arteriosclerosis of the central nervous system.
As a result of an acute one or chronic circulation troubles, it comes for a high-degree energy lack in the brain cells. In this case, only a very small part of the brain cells really dies. The by far biggest part of the brain cells in the affected brain area survives, however, suffers from a continuous energy lack.

Low level laser light repairs the energy lack and gives additional energy (ATP) which the brain cells use for its cure and regeneration processes.
          The choice of laser wavelength 780nm: Low Back Pain Arthritis CTS
Light having a wavelength between ca. 300 ~ 800 nm won't be absorbed by water, i.e. no heat will build up. Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge
Our body's tissue consists of more than 90 % of water. The 780nm is not leading to a thermal stimulation of the tissue where it is placed.
Treat deeper seated pathologies with true effectiveness.
The result on pain and inflammation can be achieved at the first application.
          Laser acupuncture Laser Acupuncture
Laser acupuncture is proven to be equivalent to metal needle in view of its stimulus effect on the acupuncture point.
Click to Enlarge
Laser acupuncture continuously and constantly sustains the stimulus potential. While the stimulant effect of the classical metal needle is high at the time of insertion, it starts decreasing rapidly after only a few seconds. The degree of stimulation afforded by laser acupuncture remains constantly high throughout the entire treatment.
Pain is due to blockage of Qi and blood. Pain will be alleviated when Qi and blood in the meridians and collaterals are activated.
Pain relief and deep musculoskeletal disorders over larger areas
Headache Headache
caused by tension in the suboccipital muscle group directly stress the dura mater of the brain. Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge
caused by tension in the jaw; degenerative changes in the neck from repetitive work or from car accident injuries.
Disease Name Therapy Time (Minutes) Frequency (Session/Week) Recommended Dose (Joule/cm²)
Range from typically ±50% of given values.
Laser Effective Area
= 32 cm²
Laser Effective Area
= 3.14 cm²
Laser Shower Taping Laser Handheld Klas
AM-100A780 Klas-S81
780nm 780nm 808nm
500mW LD: 80mW
End: 74.4mW
LD: 110mW
End: 66mW
Laser Intensity
15.6 mW/cm²
23.7 mW/cm² 22 mW/cm²
Achilles Bursitis 8 6 7 3 8
Acute & Chronic Joint Pain; Ankle 16 11 12 3 15
Acute & Chronic Joint Pain; Finger 6 5 5 3 6
Acute & Chronic Joint Pain; Toe 6 5 5 3 6
Acute & Chronic Joint Pain; Wrist 11 7 8 3 10
Acute & Chronic Joint Pain; Elbow 11 7 8 3 10
Acute & Chronic Joint Pain; Knee 16 14 16 3 20
Arthritis 11~22 7~14 8~16 3 10~20
Calcaneal Spur 11 7 8 3 10
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 13 9 10 3 12
Frozen Shoulder 22 14 16 3 20
Herpes Zoster 22 14 16 1~2/Day 20
Herpes Simplex (HSV1) 3   3 2/Day 3
Low Back Pain 42 28 32 3 40
Pain Associated with Facial Palsy 8 6 7 3 8
Plantar Fasciitis- Heel Pain 13 9 10 3 12
Post Operative Tissue Pain 8 6 7 1~2/Day 8
Sprains and Strains 11~22 7~14 8~16 3 10~20
Tennis Elbow (Epicondylitis) 11 7 8 3 10
 Web SiteRecommended treatment doses for Low Level Laser Therapy Download PDF File
Laser class 3B, 780 - 860nm GaAlAs Lasers. Continuous or pulsed, mean output: 5 - 500mW
Irradiation times should range between 20 and 300 seconds
Diagnoses Points or cm² Joules
780 - 820nm
Carpal-tunnel  2 ~ 3 8 Minimum 4 Joules per point
Lateral epicondylitis  1 ~ 2  4 Maximum 100mW/cm²
Biceps humeri c.l.  1 ~ 2 6  
Supraspinatus  2 ~ 3 8 Minimum 4 Joules per point
Infraspinatus  2 ~ 3 8 Minimum 4 Joules per point
Trochanter major  2 ~ 4 8  
Patellartendon  2 ~ 3 8  
Tract. Iliotibialis 1 ~ 2 4 Maximum 100mW/cm²
Achilles tendon 2 ~ 3 8 Maximum 100mW/cm²
Plantar fasciitis  2 ~ 3 8 Minimum 4 Joules per point
Diagnoses Points or cm² Joules Notes
Finger PIP or MCP 1 ~ 2 4  
Wrist 2 ~ 4 8  
Humeroradial joint  1 ~ 2 4  
Elbow 2 ~ 4 8  
Glenohumeral joint 2 ~ 4 8 Minimum 4 Joules per point
Acromioclavicular 1 ~ 2 4  
Temporomandibular 1 ~ 2 4  
Cervical spine  4 ~ 12 16 Minimum 4 Joules per point
Lumbar spine  4 ~ 8  16 Minimum 4 Joules per point
Hip  2 ~ 4 12 Minimum 6 Joules per point
Knee medial 3 ~ 6 12 Minimum 4 Joules per point
Ankle 2 ~ 4 8  
Daily treatment for 2 weeks or treatment every other day for 3~4 weeks is recommended.
Start with energy dose in table, then reduce by 30% when inflammation is under control.
Therapeutic windows range from typically ±50% of given values.
If the treatment area is larger than the irradiation area, the treatment time should be recalculated.
Konftec is not responsible for the application of laser therapy in patients which should be performed at the therapist/doctor's discretion and responsibility.
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