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MicroLight ML830
Taping Laser Module vs. Traditional Laser Probes
    Konftec Corporation
The first manufacturer to produce taping laser head with patents.
The applications of taping laser in:
  Laser Acupuncture Therapy
  Trigger Point Therapy
  have been regarded as the most effective method of LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy) at present by master experts; and will surely replace some applications of laser probes.
Item Taping Laser Module Laser Probes
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Method Taping;
10 sets of laser operate simultaneously, follow traditional TCM acupuncture.
move and treat step-by-step, point-by-point.
Laser Leakage Very Minimum;
with reflection shield
Big Quantity;
risk of harming eyes
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Operation Accuracy
Dose Control
Tap fixed; can maintain vertically in process.
Dose is controllable.
Very difficult
Handheld; impossible to maintain vertically all the time. Laser energy is not controllable.
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Laser Wavelength 405 ~ 980nm 635 ~ 1040 nm
Output Power 405nm: 200mW (10 x 20mW)
250mW (10 x 25mW)
520nm: 250mW (10 x 25mW)
: 500mW (10 x 50mW)
: 500mW (10 x 50mW)
780nm: 800mW (10 x 80mW)
808nm: 800mW (10 x 80mW)
980nm: 800mW (10 x 80mW)
5 ~ 500mW
Penetrate Depth Infrared: 3 ~ 5 cm Depends on wavelength and output power
Power Supply 90V AC ~ 264V AC; auto switching Battery or AC Power
Process Indication LCD (80x65mm) dynamic display Mostly No
Auto Shut-off Yes; w/ music alert Mostly No
Alarm Indication LCD display faulty channel w/ music alert;
10-channel monitor
Need Protection goggles No Patient & Practitioner
Therapy Time
(Ex.: Carpal tunnel syndrome)
10 Min. 10 ~ 60 Min.
(Depends on output power)