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Manufacturer Konftec TTAB Hartland Technologies Sunetics
Model No.
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HR-400A HR-400B emLas-900B Revage670 MEP-90 Model G
Reference Picture
   Laser Part
Laser Diode Temp. Rating RED: 60°C RED: 60°C
IR: 70°C
RED: 60°C RED: 40°C RED: 40°C RED: 40°C
Laser Diode Grade Industrial Grade
Commercial Commercial Commercial
Laser Module Grade Industrial Grade
Commercial Commercial Commercial
Laser Diode MTBF (Hours)
MTBF: Mean Time Between Failures
> 5,000 Hours NA NA 5,000 Hours
Laser Diode Wavelength
& Power
650nm         82 x 3mW 107 x 5mW
660nm 40 x 100mW 30 x 100mW 20 x 100mW      
670 nm       30 x 4mW    
780nm   10 x 100mW        
Total Laser Power RED 4,000mW 3,000mW 2,000mW 120mW 246mW 535mW
INFRARED   1,000mW        
RED + IR 4,000mW 4,000mW 2,000mW 120mW 246mW 535mW
Delivered w/ Laser Power Test Report ISO 13485
Quality System Certificate
Guarantee for laser output power above 95% as rated
Laser Biostimulation
Time Counter Equipped
Irreversible Counter

Panel Display
   Quality & Verification
Quality Certification ISO 13485
FDA Warning Letter
  Verification EMC Directive 93/42/EEC
(Operation Environment: Medical Electrical Equipment)
   Warranty & Money Back Guarantee
Warranty 2 Years  Warranty Policy 1 Year 1 Year 2 Years
Money Back Guarantee 90 Days  Money Back Guarantee
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We strongly recommend the sufficient laser dose is the key point for the success of laser hair therapy from our long term experience in manufacturing professional and home therapy LLLT (low level laser therapy) devices.

The choice to apply the laser module used in the laser pointer is based on the cost and the technology.
(1) The cost of 5 mW laser module (actual power 0.5~4 mW) is < USD 2 /pc purchased from laser modules or laser pointers manufactures.
(2) The technology to produce industrial grade laser module > 50 mW power takes long term effort and budget.
To obtain biostimulation effect to the follicles, the hair laser device must have:
(1) Moderate laser power density to reach the follicles.
Note-(a) A collimated 2 ~ 5 mW laser module with small Laser Beam Spot Size (ex. 0.06 cm²) is very dangerous for human's eyes because of its high power density (33 ~ 83 mW/cm²). And, must be very careful to control the laser dose (treatment time) to avoid hurting the treating tissues include the follicle.
Note-(b) A dispersion 2 ~ 5 mW laser module is applied to the treating tissue from distance (ex. 2 cm),the power density will be too low and can not penetrate the tissue to have the very little effect.
(2) Sufficient emission laser beams to cover the scalp.
(3) Enough delivered laser dose in the reasonable time (15~30 minutes).
(4) The biostimulation effect is decided by laser power density (mW/cm²), NOT by laser power (mW).
We are providing 90 days money back guarantee is based on:
(1) Normally, the hair laser therapy needs 3~6 months to see the result of the hair regrowth. But, the user can easily see the difference after 4~8 treatments like fewer hair loss, not so oily, no more itching etc.
(2) If the laser therapy has no effectiveness for the user's hair loss in 3 months (90 days), it is the waste of user's time and effort to have more laser therapy.