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Manufacturer Konftec Laserneedle EG Weber Medical RJ
Model No.
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Aculas-AM-100A Kolina (Laser Needle Touch) weberneedle basic LightNeedle
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   Laser Part
Laser Diode Temp. Rating 50 ~ 70°C NA NA NA
Laser Diode Grade Industrial Grade
Laser Module Grade Industrial Grade
Laser Diode MTBF (Hours)
MTBF: Mean Time Between Failures
> 5,000 Hours NA NA NA
Qty of Lasers 10 10 6 + 6 4, 8, 12
Laser Wavelength
& Power
Violet 405nm 20 mW 40 mW 60 mW 5 mW
Blue 445nm 25 mW      
Green 520nm 25 mW   50 mW  
Red 635nm 50 mW      
650nm       50 mW
660nm 50 mW 40 mW 100 mW  
Infrared 780nm 80 mW 40 mW    
808nm 80 mW   150 mW 110 mW
980nm 80 mW      
Delivered w/ Laser Power Test Report 100% delivered laser power
Above 95% in guarantee period
Taping Reference Picture Click to Enlarge
Material of Taping Part Stainless Steel Plastic Plastic Plastic
Isolation Between Taping Part and Patient's Skin
By Double Sided Tape
Disinfection of Taping Part
By Alcohol; Easy and Full

Taping Method Double Sided Tape Band-aid Disposable pod + Punched tape Single Side
from Controller to Laser
Cable (Copper Wires) Fiber-optic Fiber-optic Fiber-optic
Risk of Broken Cable Very Low High; Fiber Optic will be easily broken due to over bending
Laser Power Loss
from Connector
None High (20~50%) & Uncertain after Replacement of New Laser
   Other Specifications
Laser Fault Alarm self-diagnostic check and error detection, can automatically detect faulty alarm channel(s).
Music Alert
Treatment Time Finished
Laser Fault
Remote Pause
Power Supply 90V AC ~ 264V AC
47Hz ~ 63Hz
100V AC ~ 240V AC
50Hz ~ 60Hz
230V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz 230V/50Hz or
Power Supply Protection Short Circuit and Overload;
Auto Recovery Mode
Fuse Fuse Fuse
CE Medical
Warranty 2 Years  Warranty Policy 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
Money Back Guarantee 90 Days  Money Back Guarantee
Why the prices of Konftec laser devices are much lower in the market?
As a professional LLLT manufacturer, we are one of the largest therapeutic laser manufacturers.
  We develop and manufacture our own laser modules and had patent since 2003, we feedback the called "Royalty" to the end users.
  Through mass production, we had delivered over10,000 lasers per year in the last three years.