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MicroLight ML830
emLas® vs. MicroLight® ML830
MicroLight Corporation of American
  is the first one received FDA clearance to market low-level laser therapy for the non-surgical treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. (Please refer MicroLight web site   )
Konftec Corporation
  The taping laser released from Konftec Corporation had got appreciations from master experts since the beginning of 2005:
  ˙" A great step in LLLT ---- "
  ˙" Revolutionary invention ---- "
  ˙" Make LLLT more acceptable ---- "
Manufacturer Konftec MicroLight
Model No.
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emLas-150 emLas-650 ML830
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Market Price USD 840 USD 1,560 ML830 DC: USD 3,995
ML830 Battery: USD 4,995
   Laser Part
Laser Wavelength 780 nm
808 nm
780 nm
808 nm
830 nm
Quantity of Laser 5 3
Laser Output Power 250mW (5 x 50mW) 780 nm: 500mW (5 x 100mW)
808 nm: 700mW (5 x 140mW)
90mW (3 x 30mW)
Laser Penetrate Depth 3 ~ 5 cm 2 inch (5 cm):
As manufacturer's specification
Treatment Method Wrap;
5 sets of laser operate simultaneously
move to treat step-by-step
move to treat step-by-step
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Accurate Laser Dose Time Control
Process Indication LED dynamic display
Auto Shut-off with beep alert
   Safety & Verification
Necessity of Wearing Protection goggles Patient & Practitioner Patient & Practitioner
Quality Certification
ISO 13485: 2003
CE Verification of Compliance:
EMC Directive 93/42/EEC

(Operation Environment: Medical Electrical Equipment)
Standard Applied: IEC 60601-1 and EC 60601-1-2