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MicroLight ML830
Laser Shower vs. HairMax® LaserComb® Professional 12
Manufacturer Konftec Corporation Lexington International, LLC
Model No.
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emLas-650B emLas-650A HairMax Professional 12
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Retail Price + Shipping (USD) $990 $690 $545 + $10 = $555
Total Laser Power 500 mW 250 mW < 48 mW
Price Per Laser Power
(USD / mW)
$2 $2.8 $11.6
  Laser Part
Laser Diode Temp. Rating 60°C
Laser Diode MTBF (Hours)
MTBF: Mean Time Before Failure
> 5,000 Hours
(Normally 5,000 ~ 10,000 Hours
(Est. 500 Hours for laser pointers; under proper condition like not too high temperature, it can still operate for many years.)
Laser Diode Grade Industrial Grade
Commercial Grade 
(By definition: The temperature rating < 50 °C)
(Same as laser diode installed in the laser pointer)
Laser Module Grade Industrial Grade
Commercial Grade
(Same as laser module installed in
laser pointer: The mechanical construction is made for the specific application.)
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Continuous Operation
> 30 Minutes

The laser module is designed for the application of non-continuous and low temperature rating like laser pointer.
Laser Wavelength 660nm 650nm
Laser Power Output emLas-650B emLas-650A HairMax® Professional 12
Lab. Test 95 ~ 102 mW/ laser 45 ~ 52 mW/ laser 1.2 ~ 4 mW/ laser
Total Power 500 mW 250 mW < 48 mW
Original Specifications CLASS IIIb PRODUCT  
Maximum Output:
100 mW per laser

Maximum Output:
50 mW per laser
<5 mW cw max

Quality of Lasers
5 lasers w/ 5 control loops
Laser Diode: Industrial Grade
Temperature Rating: 60 °C
12 lasers w/ 1 power switching
Laser Diode: Commercial Grade
Temperature Rating: < 40 °C
Delivered w/ Laser Power Test Report  ISO 13485 Quality System Certificate
Guarantee for laser output power above 95% as rated.
Laser Emission Method
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Direct Irradiation
5 independent laser beams are EVENLY dispersed with laser scattering devices.

Direct Irradiation
12 collimated laser beams that are neither converge nor diverge along theirs length, resulting in very small coverage area.
Method of Treatment
Closely contact the treating scalp
Time to stop & treat (w/ emLas-650B):
bald area - stop for 2 minutes
thinning area - stop for 1 minutes
normal area - stop for 32 seconds
Move to other scalp
What Lexington said: move every 4 seconds
Laser Effective Treatment Area 32 cm² < 0.8 cm²
(each Laser Beam Spot Size: 0.06 cm²)
Process Indication Blue LED display Audible beep tone every 4 seconds
Adjustable Time Control with music alert or beep
Laser Biostimulation  Positive effect for most users  Possible for few users
To biostimulate the follicles, the hair laser device must have:
item moderate laser power density to reach the follicles.
item sufficient emission laser beams to cover the scalp.
item enough delivered laser dose in the reasonable time (15~30 minutes).
Therapy Protocol 2 ~ 3 times per week,
15 minutes per treatment
What Lexington said:
3 times per week,
8 minutes per treatment
Irradiated Laser Energy in 15 Minutes 450 Joule
225 Joule 43.2 Joule
Clinical reports show the minimum laser energy to have biostimulation effect: 206 Joule (3 Joule/cm²)
Full Scalp Treatment Time 7 minutes 14 minutes 72 minutes
Laser Leakage Very Minimum with reflection shield
No power loss with direct laser diodes. No mirrors, no lens. Advanced laser scattering devices evenly disperse 5 laser beams.

Please note: The handheld unit must be held to closely contact the scalp.
Big Quantity with comb
Loss of laser power from reflection and refraction. Generally lasers lose 30%~50% power when reflected and refracted.

  Verification CE Verification of Compliance:
EMC Directive 93/42/EEC

(Operation Environment: Medical Electrical Equipment)
Standard Applied: IEC 60601-1 and EC 60601-1-2
CE Mark:
Non-medical Electric Equipment
Home Therapy Applications Multiple home treatments for:
Hair Loss
Wound, Burn, Operation Wound
Skin Diseases
Pain Relief
Hair Loss Treatment Only