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Konftec Corporation
the first manufacturer to produce taping laser head and with patents.
The applications of taping laser in:
  Laser Acupuncture Therapy
  Trigger Point Therapy
  have been regarded as the most effective method of LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy) at present by master experts; and will surely replace laser probes in the very near future.
Klas-A applies the same philosophy of taping laser with laser reflection shield to minimize the laser leakage.
  Data Sheet Laser Probe
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Method Handheld;
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Laser Leakage Very Minimum;
function with reflection shield
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Big Quantity;
risk of harming eyes
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Operation Accuracy
Dose Control
Flashlight; easily to maintain vertically in process
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Very difficult
Handheld; impossible to maintain vertically all the time
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Laser Wavelength 660nm, 780nm, 808nm 635nm ~ 1040 nm
Output Power 50 ~ 460 mW
5 ~ 500 mW
Penetrate Depth 2 ~ 5 cm Depend on wavelength and output power
Power Supply 3 x AAA or 3 x AA Standard Battery
or 3 x AA Btaaery
Custom Made Battery
AC Power
Outdoor Use Yes
Max. Operation Temp.: 50 °C
Max. Operation Temp.: NA
Portability Put in the pocket or hand bag
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Need Protection goggles No Patient & Practitioner
Retail Price
(Power > 30 mW)
660nm/50mW < USD 400 USD 1,600 ~ 12,000