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As a professional LLLT manufacturer, we Konftec produce medical grade devices with safety and effectiveness for clinical applications and home therapy.
Manufacturer Konftec iGrow LaserCap Oaze
Model No.
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emLas-800B emLas-800C iGrow LaserCap Oaze
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Cordless Operation
Retail Price + Shipping (USD) $990 $1,190 $595 + Shipping $3,000 $1,999
Total Laser Power 200 mW 360 mW 63 mW 448 mW 92 mW
Price Per Laser Power
$5 $3.3 $9.4 $6.7 $21.7
Why the prices of Konftec laser devices are much lower in the market?
As a professional LLLT manufacturer, we are one of the largest therapeutic laser manufacturers.
  We developed and manufacture our own laser modules and had patent since 2003, we feedback the called "Royalty" to the end users.
  Through mass production, we had delivered over10,000 lasers per year in the last 3 years.
   Laser Part
Laser Diode Temp. Rating RED: 60°C RED: 60°C
: 70°C
Laser Diode MTBF (Hours)
MTBF: Mean Time Before Failure
> 5,000 Hours
(Normally 5,000 ~ 10,000 Hours)
(Est. 500 Hours for laser pointers; under proper condition like not too high temperature, it can still operate for many years.)
Laser Diode Grade Industrial Grade
Commercial Grade 
(By definition: The temperature rating < 50 °C)
(Same as laser diode installed in the laser pointer)
Laser Module Grade Industrial Grade
Commercial Grade
(Same as laser module installed in
laser pointer: The mechanical construction is made for the specific application.)
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Continuous Operation
> 30 Minutes

The laser module is designed for the application of non-continuous and low temperature rating like laser pointer.
Laser Beam Wavelength Manufacturer Specification 660nm 660nm+780nm 650nm 650nm 650/630/660nm

Lab Test Data



650nm (LD) 650nm 650nm (LD)
Laser Beam Power Manufacturer Specification 20 x 10 mW RED: 16 x 10 mW
: 4 x 50 mW
21 x 5 mW + LED's 224 x 5 mW 23 x 5 mW + LED's

Test Data

20 x 10 mW RED: 16 x 10 mW
: 4 x 50~55 mW
1.2 mW ~ 3.6 mW /
Laser Module
Average Value: < 3 mW
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1 mW ~ 3 mW /
Laser Module
Average Value: < 2 mW
2 mW ~ 4.5 mW /
Laser Module
Average Value: < 4 mW
Test Total Power
200 mW 360 mW < 63 mW < 448 mW < 92 mW
Delivered w/ Laser Power Test Report ISO 13485
Quality System Certificate
Guarantee for laser output power above 95% as rated
Laser Biostimulation
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decided by laser power density (mW/cm²),
NOT laser power (mW)

Positive effect for most users
Laser Beams Dispersion
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Original: Collimated (Focused) Click for Remark

Remove the focus len: Dispersion laser; but without the protection from dirt and EDS (Electrostatic Discharge); will be easily burnt out.
   Quality & Verification
Quality Certification ISO 13485
FDA Warning Letter
ISO 13485
  Verification EMC Directive 93/42/EEC
(Operation Environment: Medical Electrical Equipment)
EMC Directive 93/42/EEC
   Warranty & Money Back Guarantee
Warranty 2 Years 1 Year
Money Back Guarantee 90 Days
(minus 15 %)   Click for Remark

Web site: 6 months
No details and no Guarantee Document
We strongly recommend the sufficient laser dose is the key point for the success of laser hair therapy from our long term experience in manufacturing professional and home therapy LLLT (low level laser therapy) devices.
As FDA-CDRH (Center for Devices and Radiological Health)- 21CFR1040.10 procedure for measuring laser output.Click for More Information
The choice to apply the laser module used in the laser pointer is based on the cost and the technology.
(1) The cost of 5 mW laser module (actual power 0.5~4 mW) is < USD 2 /pc purchased from laser modules or laser pointers manufactures.
(2) The technology to produce industrial grade laser module > 50 mW power takes long term effort and budget.
To obtain biostimulation effect to the follicles, the hair laser device must have:
(1) Moderate laser power density to reach the follicles.
Note-(a) A collimated 2 ~ 5 mW laser module with small Laser Beam Spot Size (ex. 0.06 cm²) is very dangerous for human's eyes because of its high power density (33 ~ 83 mW/cm²). And, must be very careful to control the laser dose (treatment time) to avoid hurting the treating tissues include the follicle.
Note-(b) A dispersion 2 ~ 5 mW laser module is applied to the treating tissue from distance (ex. 2 cm),the power density will be too low and cannot penetrate the tissue to have the very little effect.
(2) Sufficient emission laser beams to cover the scalp.
(3) Enough delivered laser dose in the reasonable time (15~30 minutes).
We are providing 90 days money back guarantee is based on:
(1) Normally, the hair laser therapy needs 3~6 months to see the result of the hair regrowth. But, the user can easily see the difference after 4~8 treatments like fewer hair loss, not so oily, no more itching etc.
(2) If the laser therapy has no effectiveness for the user's hair loss in 3 months (90 days), it is the waste of user's time and effort to have more laser therapy.