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Treatment Time Calculation - 3D Model by Konftec
1) Treatment time for tissue in depth is calculated by Monte Carlo Simulation method.
Energy loss percentage is between 5% ~ 10% per mm for different tissues.
Energy loss percentage is postulated to be linear at 7.5% per mm of tissue.
Energy Loss Factor = 1 x (1 - 0.075)n       n = Depth of Tissue in mm
Treatment Time (second) = Dose (J/cm3) x 1000 x Laser Beam Spot Size (cm²)
End Power (mW) x Energy Loss Factor (/cm)
2) Please note the unit is in J/cm3 with 3-dimension model.
  Download PDF FileTreatment_Time_Calculation_Table-Tc-3D
Energy Loss Factor Calculation Table
Depth of Tissue (cm) Energy Loss Factor
0.5 0.6772
1.0 0.4586
1.5 0.3105
2.0 0.2103
2.5 0.1424
3.0 0.0964
3.5 0.0653
4.0 0.0442
  Strong recommendation for laser acupuncture with taping laser
* To achieve De Qi effect (the sensation felt when an acupuncturist reaches the level of 'Qi' in the body), it is recommended to apply the taping laser with the treatment time of at least 15 minutes.
  Download PDF File Commonly Applied Acupoints
Download PDF File The Average Depth of Acupoints in Breast & Back
Treatment Time Calculation - Traditional 2D Method
1) Calculated by European Traditional Method
  Power Density I (W/cm²) =   End Power (mW)
1000 x Laser Beam Spot Size (cm²)
  Treatment Time (second) Dose (J/cm²) x 1000 x Laser Beam Spot Size (cm²)
End Power (mW)
3) Please note the unit is in J/cm² with 2-dimension model.
  Download PDF FileTreatment_Time_Calculation_Table-Tc-2D
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