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   Skin Diseases
The skin are considered to be the major organ of disease elimination. Sick modifications of skin problem is the signal of a lack of energy in our skin cells.
We look upon skin conditions in a different light than do our medical confreres. We believe that most so called skin diseases are merely the body's attempt to eliminate a disease toxicity through this wide spread organ. Therefore we generally treat this condition from the inside out-that is, we work to overcome the internal disease process so that the skin elimination will no longer be necessary and the skin can then clear and become supple and smooth once again.
The medical treatment of skin conditions is usually by what we call the suppressive route, in which various substances are used to suppress or drive the skin eruption into the body. This action, according to naturopathic and homeopathic theory clears the skin but forces these toxic substances back into the body fluids, where they can do great harm that only becomes apparent later.
The natural way to treat the skin is always with a form of treatment that it hastens the removal of toxic products and never leads to their suppression.
The LLLT repairs the energy lack and gives additional energy (ATP) which skin cells use for its revitalization.The skin can recover its initial biological quality so again. The LLLT has proven to be of surprising value in skin conditions. It aids the body in its eliminative efforts and in this way is in full harmony.

The most convenient and effective way to treat large area.
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To treat skin diseases over medium area.
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The handheld way to treat skin conditions.
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Disease Name Therapy Time (Minutes) Frequency
Recommended Dose
Laser Effective Area
= 314 cm²
Laser Effective Area
= 32 cm²
Laser Effective Area
= 3.14 cm²
Laser Irradiator Laser Shower Handheld Klas
emLas-900B AM-102A6xx
660nm 660nm 660nm
2,000mW 500mW LD: 100mW
End: 60mW
Laser Intensity
6.4 mW/cm²
Laser Intensity
15.6 mW/cm²
Laser Intensity
19.1 mW/cm²
Allergic Rashes 8 3 3 2~3 3
Aphthous Ulcers & Sore Gums 8 3 3 2~3 3
Cellulitis 24 10 8 3~5 9
Couperose (Mild) 8 3 3 2~3 3
Dermatitis, Allergic 8 3 3 2~3 3
Dermatitis, Atopic 8 3 3 2~3 3
Dermatitis, Contact 8 3 3 2~3 3
Eczema 8 3 3 2~3 3
Hypertrophic Cicatrix 24 10 8 3 9
Insect Bites 8 3 3 1~2/day 3
Pressure Sore 8 3 3 3~7 3
Psoriasis 24 10 8 2~3 9
Rosacea 16 6 6 3~7 6
Skin Eruption 8 3 3 2~3 3
Sunburn 8 3 3 2~3 3
Tinea Pedis 24 10 8 2~3 9
Vitiligo (Leukoderma) 24 10 8 2~3 9
Warts & Verruca 24 10 8 3 9

Therapeutic windows range from typically ±50% of given values.
If the treatment area is larger than the irradiation area, the treatment time should be recalculated.
Konftec is not responsible for the application of laser therapy in patients which should be performed at the therapist/doctor's discretion and responsibility.
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