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     Laser Therapy - Clinical Explanation
Laser Therapy, also known as Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), Soft Laser Therapy, Cold Laser Therapy, Low Reactive Therapy or Photo- biotherapy, is explained in the following manner.
The low level laser light is recorded as additional energy during the treatment of the underlying depleted cells of the inner ear. This treatment can be carried out as a point or area exposure. The cells are depleted by the additional energy to be able to produce more energy cells, the main fuel of the inner ear cell. If the inner ear cell supplied with sufficient energy, the self-healing process begins. The continuous noise begin to fluctuate in volume, frequency and tonal character, they become increasingly thinner until they disappear completely. The depleted cells have regenerated.
The laser therapy offers the greatest chance of improving tinnitus over any thing. Laser therapy stands the best chance of helping with tinnitus or hearing loss treatment because it works at a cellular level, with your body's own natural healing processes, right down to the level of the nerves and DNA. It kicks the body's healing and immune response into overdrive, directly at the site of treatment.
The laser irradiation can improve cell proliferation, increase blood flow in the inner ear canal and activate cellular activities that repair hair cells.
The damaged cells need the help from the laser photons absorption.
The laser treatments focus light energy (photons) that normalize damaged tissue by activating enzymes within the body. Enzymes are molecules that speed up the chemical reactions among other substances. It is much like a nutrient to normal healthy tissue while the damaged cells that need help only absorb the photons.
Why most old laser therapies are NOT effective for the tinnitus sufferers?
The low level laser energy is absorbed by the more superficial covering tissues and, therefore, becomes ineffective before reaching the tissue in question. These therapies are UNABLE to penetrate deeper and reach the target tissue to have biostimulation reaction.
  Because of the technology and old laser modality, the previous LLLT for tinnitus were applying low power laser modules (with power output < 30 mW) or short therapy time, and do NOT have:
  moderate laser power density to reach the cells.
  full emission laser beams to cover the treating target = right & optimal position.
  sufficient delivered laser dose in the reasonable time (recommended treatment time: 30 minutes).
   Try low level laser therapy and make a CHANGE.
  There are over 4,300 tinnitus sufferers improved from the home therapy laser device made by Konftec.
  We are providing REAL laser of certified power with test report, which is ISO 13485 certificate.
  The laser of earplug type has proved as the BEST modality for auricular therapies from the successful results of our users.
  The affordable COST is offering from our innovation and mass production.
  90-day Moneyback Guarantee   If you are not a good responder for LLLT, we are offering 90-day money back guarantee.
Power Guarantee   We are providing guarantee for laser output power above 95% as rated in warranty period.
    2-channel Cordless LLLT System Click for Data Sheet
emLas-520 emLas-520  
Home LLLT Treatment for:
Meniere's Disease
Hearing Loss
Hyperacusis: over sensitivity to sound
Sudden Deafness
Vertigo and Balance Disorder
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Model No. Laser Module Total LD
Laser Power

Type of Laser Invisible Infrared Visible Red
Laser Wavelength 780nm 808nm 660nm
LD Laser Power 90mW 90mW 50mW
End Laser Power 63mW 63mW 33mW
One controller with 2 auricular laser modules
emLas-520A 2     Infrared 90+90mW $ 450 USD
emLas-520B   2   Infrared 90+90mW $ 530 USD
emLas-520C     2 Red 50+50mW $ 450 USD
One controller with 4 auricular laser modules
emLas-520AC 2   2 Infrared 90+90mW
+ Red 50+50mW
$ 720 USD
emLas-520BC   2 2 Infrared 90+90mW
+ Red 50+50mW
$ 800 USD

Please note:
According to the CDRH regulation for the laser classification, the laser power output in our specification and quality test report (shipped with the delivery )are measured from the output of the laser diode (LD Power).
The laser power measured at the end of the module (End Power) is measured without eartip rubber.

Why the prices of Konftec laser devices are much lower in the market?
As a professional LLLT manufacturer, we are one of the largest therapeutic laser manufacturers.
  We developed and manufactured our own laser modules and had patent since 2003, we feedback the called "Royalty" to the end users.
  Through mass production, we had delivered over10,000 LLLT systems and units per year in the past three years.
  How to select the right laser for you?
  If you had audiometric test before: (Click to YouTube for detailed information)
               Please review the test result and select the laser according to your frequency response of the sound.

  If you did NOT have audiometric test before:
    The best way for treating inner diseases is to apply different lasers with different wavelengths to have the thorough biostimulation response for different depths of the inner ear. We strongly recommend the laser therapy with the
emLas-520AC (INFRARED laser of 780nm +
RED laser of 660nm).
   4-channel LLLT System Click for Data Sheet
AM-100E Aculas-
Clinical LLLT for:
Meniere's Disease
Hearing Loss
Hyperacusis: over sensitivity to sound
Sudden Deafness
Vertigo and Balance Disorder
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Model No.
4 x Laser Modules Total
Output Power
Price (USD)

Red Laser Infrared Laser
AM-100E674 2 x 660nm@150mW 2 x 780nm@100mW Red 300mW +
Infrared 200mW
$ 2,480
AM-100E684 2 x 660nm@150mW 2 x 808nm@150mW Red 300mW +
Infrared 300mW
$ 2,480