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5-channel Digital LLLT System
(Hair Loss Treatment)
(Multiple Home Therapies)
Performance & Safety
22 cm² treatment area
Moderate power density with evenly dispersed laser beams.
Dispersion laser is safer than any laser comb(with laser beam collimated mechanism) in the market.
Medical Laser Power
The real laser power Warrantyoutput(250 ~ 500 mW)
CE Medical Verification
ISO 13485 Quality System Certificate
Equipped with the industrial grade
laser diodes
Temp. rating > 60°C
MTBF(Mean Time Between Failures) > 5,000 Hours
Laser Hair Therapy - Clinical Explanation
No one can guarantee to give you results with your hair re-growth, however, laser hair therapy offers the greatest chance of stopping hair loss over any thing.
Laser hair therapy stands the best chance of helping with hair loss treatment because it works at a cellular level, with your body's own natural healing processes, right down to the level of the nerves and DNA. It kicks the body's healing and immune response into overdrive, directly at the site of treatment. More

The damaged cells need the help from the laser photons absorption with sufficient dose.
The most effective handheld laser device for hair loss treatment

Aculas-HB-850 is developed from "Laser Biostimulation" theory and "Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)" medical approval. This newest and patented device is made using the combination of modern laser diode technology and computerized digital control.

Aculas-HB-850 has proved its effectiveness in the multiple home treatments for:
Alopecia; Hair Loss Therapy Protocol
Acne VulgarisTherapy Protocol
Wrinkle Therapy Protocol
Wound; Burn; Operation Wound Therapy Protocol
Skin Diseases; Scalp Disorder
Therapy Protocol

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Effective The effective treatment area of laser beam:
- 22 cm²
- The highest performance handheld LLLT device for hair loss treatment.
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Industrial grade laser diodes with
- Temperature rating > 60 °C
- MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) > 5,000 hours.
Safe Five laser beams directly irradiate the treating target and independently controlled by control unit. 5 Lasers Irradiate Independently
with Dispersion Laser Beams
Innovative optics design leads to the maximum output laser power and the safest laser power density
- Safer than any laser comb (with laser beam collimated mechanism) in the market.
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User Friendly Microprocessor-based control, with the functions of self-diagnostic check and error detection, can automatically detect faulty alarm channel(s). Click to Enlarge
User-friendly single function key to set the therapy process.
Dynamic large size (80x50 mm) LCD with blue backlit display for clear reading.
Musical auto time off on completion of therapy cycle.
Operation Environment 0 ~ 50 °C (32 ~ 122 °F); 10 ~ 95%RH (Non-condensing)
No. of Channels 5
Time Setting 15 Minutes (Auto Setting)
Frequency Setting Continuous (Auto Setting)
Music Alert Stop and Fault
Power Supply 90 ~ 264V AC, 47Hz ~ 63Hz, Max. 1.0A (115V AC), 0.5A (230V AC)
Short Circuit and Overload Protection; Auto Recovery Mode
Verification EMC Directive 93/42/EEC
(Operation Environment: Medical Electrical Equipment)
Standard Applied: IEC 60601-1 and EC 60601-1-2
Medical Device Certificate ISO 13485: 2003
Shipping Dimensions 39(L) x 13(W) x 30(H) cm; 15.4(L) x 5.1(W) x 11.8(H) in
Shipping Weight 3.3 Kg (7.3 Lbs)
Laser Shower HU-1
Quantity of Laser Module 5 Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge
Laser Material Semiconductor Laser Diode
& Output Power
660nm…250 ~ 500mW
                  (5 x 50 ~ 100mW)

780nm…500mW (5 x 100mW)
Weight 250 g
Aluminum Case WC-122
Dimensions 24(L) x 20(W) x 8(H) cm
9.4(L) x 7.9(W) x 3.1(H) in.
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Weight 1.5 Kg (3.3 Lbs)
Model No.
Laser Shower Total
Output Power
Laser Visible Red Invisible Infrared
Wavelength 660nm 780nm
Power 50mW 100mW 100mW
HB-850B655 5     250 mW
HB-850A605   5   500 mW
HB-850C785     5 500 mW
HB-850E673   3 2 500 mW
When treating with HB-850C, the use of the optional laser safety goggles is advised.
For hair loss sufferers, someone react very effectively with RED LLLT (635nm~670nm), someone react well with INFRARED (780nm ~ 980nm). For the later, he can choose to use the HB-850C or the combination lasers of HB-850E.
The RED laser is the most suitable laser therapy device for a hair loss sufferer begins to have laser treatment.
HB-850C or HB-850E is equipped with infrared lasers normally used by the professional clinics or salons for complementary laser treatment with RED laser.
We recommend the use of HB-850B655 for the best effectiveness.
Or, you can use the
HB-850A605 and treat less time.
Under the same laser dose with different treatment time, the effectiveness of two devices are the same.
Model No.
Recommended Treatment Time
(Hold laser unit closely contact the scalp)
Treatment area per stop: 22 cm²
Scalp Classification Balding Thinning Normal
Laser Dose
3 J/cm² 1.5 J/cm² 0.5 J/cm²
HB-850B655 (250mW) 4 min. 24 sec. 2 min. 12 sec. 42 sec. 3
HB-850A605 (500mW) 2 min. 12 sec. 1 min. 6 sec. 21 sec. 2 ~ 3
HB-850C785 (500mW) 2 min. 12 sec. 1 min. 6 sec. 21 sec. 2 ~ 3
How to apply the laser shower?
(1) Hold and closely contact the treating scalp with your most comfortable position.
(2) Stop and treat for the recommended time in the specific scalp.
  For example, using the HB-850B (250mW) in:
  Balding area - stop for 4.4 minutes (4 min. 24 sec.)
  Thinning area - stop for 2.2 minutes (2 min. 12 sec.)
  Normal area - stop for 42 seconds
(3) Repeat and move to treat other scalp area.
How about the treating frequency?
The treatment frequency is usually administered on either 3 times per week, or every other day. It takes 3 ~ 6 months to see the effectiveness. But, the user can easily see the difference after 4 ~ 8 treatments like fewer hair loss, not so oily, no more itching etc.
Which model is the most effective one?
According to your balding condition, you should calculate the total treatment time with different model no.
We recommend the application of HB-850A605 (500mW) to have the sufficient laser dose in the shortest treatment time. To follow the recommended treatment time and have the sufficient laser dose is the most important fact of the effectiveness.
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    ISO 13485
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