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    Cordless Laser Shower   
  Cordless LLLT for Auricular Application Aculas-HB-530
  Cordless Laser Helmet Aculas-HB-540
  Hair Loss Laser Helmet Comparison Table Products Comparison
  Hair Loss Laser Brush Comparison Table Products Comparison
   Mini LLLT Unit    Klas-S
   Nasalis LLLT Unit    Klas-N 
   Laser Acupuncture Unit    Klas-A     Klas-E 
  Laser Shower vs. HairMax LaserComb Product Comparison
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emLas        Cordless Laser Module SystemSelect Your System emLas-650
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2 ~ 20 laser modules can be applied.
Cordless operation powered by battery pack for hand free and mobile treatment.
To set the last therapy process with " Start " button.
Programmable therapy time setting for easy operation.
Dynamic blue LED display for clear reading.
Powered by three rechargeable NiMH AAA batteries, which can also be purchased from the local stores.
Simultaneous laser irradiation with multiple laser modules.
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       Battery Powered LLLT Unit Select Your System
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1-channel LLLT unit
Function of constant laser intensity
Integrated circuit designed by Konftec provides full protection
Shockproof with robust construction and the compact assembly can be put in the pocket or hand bag for fully portable handling.
IP65 (NEMA 6) or IP54 (NEMA 4) enclosure protection
50 °C temperature operation durability suitable for use ANYTIME! ANYWHERE!
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