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Nasalis LLLT Unit
Red Laser 660nm/50mW

Klas-N is developed from "Laser Biostimulation" theory and "Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)" medical approval. This newest and patented device is made using the combination of modern laser technology and advanced integrated-circuit control.

Klas-N is the most scientifically advanced and effective LLLT device for nasalis applications.

Klas-N is specially designed and clinically proven for professional and personal at-home laser nasalis treatments to treat rhinitis.

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Constant laser intensity is maintained by:

Ergonomically shaped and high transmission fiber rod to guide the laser beam evenly irradiate the treating area.
Innovative optics design leads to the maximum output laser power.
Advanced integrated circuit designed by Konftec to maintain the specific power output even the batteries are in low capacity.
Safe   Konftec's integrated circuit design with full protection of:
EDS (Electrostatic Discharge)
short-term reverse battery connection
Convenient   Outstanding autoclavability of plastic rod
The transmission characteristics of plastic rod remains unaffected.
Ability of standing up to repeated machine washing.
Easy to Use   Vandal resistant stainless steel pushbutton switch for the simplest operation, can easily be used by private individuals for specific treatments as directed by a medical practitioner.
Powered by three alkaline AAA batteries which provide Klas-N50 approximately 9 hours continuous operation.
Operation Environment  0 ~ 60 °C (32 ~ 140 °F); 10 ~ 95%RH (Non-condensing)
Power Supply  3 x AAA or Rechargeable Battery
Laser Material  Semiconductor Laser Diode AlGaInP
Laser Wavelength  660nm
Output Power  Laser Diode: 50 mW
Fiber End: Total - 40 mW
Laser Beam  End Dispersion
Insert Fiber Material  Plastic Fiber; Replaceable
Housing Material  Stainless Steel
Switch  Vandal Resistant Pushbutton; Stainless Steel Housing and Bezel
Enclosure Protection  IP54 (NEMA 4)
Protection against dust
Protection against water spray
Dimensions  138(L) x Ø26 mm; 5.4(L) x Ø1 in.
Weight  200 g (7 ounce), Includes Batteries
 Verification  EMC Directive 93/42/EEC
(Operation Environment: Medical Electrical Equipment)
Standard Applied: IEC 60601-1 and EC 60601-1-2
Medical Device Certificate ISO 13485: 2003
Fiber Rod WF-421
Rod Material Plastic Fiber
Biocompatibility Certification: DIN ISO 10993-5
Transmission Ratio > 80%
Rod Diameter 8 mm
Aluminum Case WC-120
Dimensions 254(L) x 164(W) x 50(H) mm
10(L) x 6.6(W) x 2(H) in.
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Weight 0.4 Kg (0.9 Lb)
Model No. Wavelength
& Power
Energy Density
Battery Operation Time (Hours) Laser
Klas-N50 660nm@50mW End Dispersion 9 Class IIIa
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Therapy Time per Nasal Cavity
Frequency 1st Session
Adult Children Session/Week Average Max.
6 ~ 12 6 ~ 8 3 ~ 5 10 15
The True Medicine  
     CE Verification     Verification
    ISO 13485
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Klas Batteries Installation Guide
Klas-N50 Meets FDA (CDRH) Class IIIa Safety Regulation
Download PDF File Klas-N User's Guide


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