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Intelligent LLLT Dose Unit
Intelligent LLLT Dose Unit Intelligent LLLT Dose Unit
Class 4 Laser
Class 4 Laser Qualas4
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Class 4 Diode Laser System
Red Laser 635nm/1 Watt
Infrared Laser 808nm/12 Watt
Infrared Laser 980nm/12 Watt
Qualas4 is the world's first laser with high power Red & Infrared lasers.
Qualas4 is specially designed with: Click to EnlargeClick to EnlargeClick to Enlarge
Full Touch Control
  – Color touch screen operation
  – Finger touch sensor override laser output
3 Laser Wavelengths Selectable
  635nm, 808nm, 980nm
  – Combination (635nm + 808nm or 635nm + 980nm) or independent
  – Continuous Wave (CW) or Modulation 1 ~ 20,000 Hz
Integrated Cabinet for Handheld Piece & Fiber Cable
  – Completed system with no connection parts
  – Safer and Portable
Qualas4 is provided as the most intelligent and convenient laser device for the veterinarians to apply the high power laser therapies:
Wound healing, Anti-inflammatory
Pain management
Arthritis, Tendinitis
Other LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy)
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  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Standard Acc.
  • Optional Acc.
Effective   Constant laser intensity is maintained by: Click to Enlarge
Innovative optics design leads to the maximum output laser power.
Advanced control circuit and cooling system made by Konftec to maintain the specific power output.
Safe   Integrated Cabinet for Handheld Piece & Fiber Cable:
Click to Enlarge
Completed system with no connection parts
Safer and more portable
Convenient   The excellent transmission characteristics of contact lens and fiber rods allow the maximum power. Click to Enlarge
Selectable laser lens and fiber rods can be applied for different treatment applications.
Easy to Use   The touch screen for the simplest operation can easily be used by practitioner. Click to Enlarge
The touch sensor equipped in the hand piece can override laser emission.
Operation Environment  0 ~ 40 °C (32 ~ 104 °F); 10 ~ 95%RH (Non-condensing)
Power Supply  90 ~ 250V AC, 47Hz ~ 63Hz; Max. 100VA
Laser Material  Semiconductor Laser Diode Click to Enlarge
Laser Classification  Class IV
Wavelength… Power  635nm… 1 Watt
12 Watt
980nm… 12 Watt
Pilot Beam  635nm… 50 mW
Time Setting  1 ~ 60 Minutes
Frequency Setting  0 Hz (Continuous Wave)
1 ~ 20,000 Hz (Modulation)
Operation & Display  Color LCD Touch Screen
Operation Override  Touch Sensor Equipped in Handheld Piece
Operation Beep  Adjustable 0 ~ 20 second; 0 second (silence)
Safety Interlock  Key Switch, Emergency Stop Button
Medical Device Certificate  GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)
Dimensions  29.5(L) x 25.5(W) x 20(H) cm; 11.6(L) x 10(W) x7.87(H) in
Weight  4.3 Kg (9.5 Lb)
Laser Optic Cap & Fiber Rod (6 pcs)
Cap/Fiber Len
Ball Fiber Rod
Ø30mm Ø30mm Ø50mm Ø8mm Ø8mm Ø4mm
Model No. WO-426 WO-427 WO-428 WF-425 WF-422 WF-423
Laser Beam
Spot Size
> 5 cm²
Divergency: 32°
< 2 cm²
< 4 cm²
0.5 cm² 0.5 cm² 0.13 cm²
Application General General General Point Dental Auricular
Laser Beam Simulation
(0 ~ 10cm)
Laser Safety Goggles WG-224
Frame PC Click to Enlarge
Protection Side Shields
Spectral Characteristics OD (Optical Density)
630 ~ 650nm: 3+
800 ~ 1100nm: 5+
Aluminum Case for Optic Cap & Fiber Rod WC-122
Accessory for Device Qualas4 Click to Enlarge
Dimensions 254(L) x 164(W) x 50(H) mm
10(L) x 6.6(W) x 2(H) in.
Weight 0.4 Kg (0.9 Lb)
Aluminum Case WC-124
Dimensions 460(L) x 340(W) x 300(H) mm
18.1(L) x 13.3(W) x 11.8(H) in.
Click to Enlarge
Weight 3.8 Kg (8.4 Lb)
Patient Block Out Glasses WG-228
Frame Plastic Click to Enlarge
Lens Polycarbonate with hard coating
Spectral Characteristics OD (Optical Density)
190nm to 11,000nm: 7+
Head Strap Adjustable
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User's Guide
Download PDF File Qualas4
Therapy Protocol
- Small Animals
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Operation Introduction
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