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Class 4 Laser Qualas4  
itemThe world's first laser with simultaneous high power Red & Infrared lasers.
Full Touch Control
  – Color touch screen operation
  – Finger touch sensor override laser output
3 Wavelength Lasers Selectable
  635nm, 808nm, 980nm
  – Combination (635nm + 808nm or 635nm + 980nm) or independent
  – Continuous Wave (CW) or Modulation 1 ~ 20,000 Hz
Integrated Cabinet for Handheld Piece & Fiber Cable
  – Completed system with no connection parts
  – Safe and portable

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Output Power
Red 635nm 1 Watt
Infrared 808nm 12 Watt
Infrared 980nm 12 Watt
Qty of Laser: 3
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Intelligent LLLT Dose Unit Intelligent LLLT Dose Unit  
item Red Laser and/or Infrared Laser for LLLT
Revolutionary & Most Intelligent
Automatic Laser Dose Setting & Display
  – automatically calculate laser dose from laser power & time settings
  – simultaneous laser dose(Joule) & time(second) settings
  – incremental laser dose(Joule) & decremental time(second) indications
Automatic Laser Dose Control
  – acoustic beep for each Joule during operation
  – automatic stop and beep alert after reaching the setting dose
  – repeat the last setting dose by pressing one button
Exchangeable Laser Module by The User

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Output Power
Orange 635nm
220 mW
Red 660nm 150 mW
Infrared 808nm 250/460 mW
Exchangeable Laser Module

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emLas-150 emLas-900  
LLLT treatments over large area:
Cover treatment area up to 314 cm² with even dispersion laser beams
Applied the RED laser or INFRARED laser for LLLT treatments

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Output Power
per Irradiator
Orange 635nm 2,000 mW
Red 660nm
Infrared 780nm
Qty of Lasers: 20
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AM-100W Aculas-
item Red Laser AND/OR Infrared laser in one unit
The simplest exchange of lasers is made by keyboard.
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Output Power
Red 660nm 640 mW
Infrared 808nm 460~1,100 mW
Qty of Lasers: 9
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emLas-650 emLas-650  
item Red Laser or Infrared Laser as selection
Cordless operation
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Output Power
per Shower
Red 660nm 500 mW
Infrared 780nm
500 mW
700 mW
Qty of Lasers: 5
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