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Laser Parts
Laser Acupuncture LA-1
Auricular Laser Acupuncture LB-1
Dental Laser LD-1
Auricular Laser LE-1
Auricular Laser LE-2
Auricular Laser LE-5
Laser Irradiator LI-1
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Nasalis Laser LN-1
ED Laser LP-5
General Purpose Laser
General Purpose Laser
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Laser Wrap
Laser Wrap
Laser Helmet WH-1
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Laser Helmet
Laser Material Semiconductor Laser Diode
660nm: AlGaInP
780nm: AlGaAs
808nm: AlGaAs
980nm: InGaAs/AlGaAs
MTBF of Laser Diode > 5,000 Hours
Quantity of Laser Module 10 or 20
Total Output Power 100 ~ 1,000 mW
Wavelength 660nm, 780nm, 808nm, 980nm or Combination
Helmet Material ABS
Weight 860 g
Shower Cap For multiple users application, it is recommended to use disposable shower cap with the clear transparency.
Other Parts
Double Sided Tape
Li-ion Battery Module WB-53x
Aluminum Case WC-12x
Carrying Bag WC-22x
Methylene Blue WD-221
Fiber Rod WF-42x
Laser Safety Goggle WG-22x
Optic Cap WO-42x
Li-ion Battery Charger WP-15x
DC Power Adaptor WP-171
AC Power Supply WP-191
Eartip WR-2xx
Remote Pause Switch WS-221


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